The 2022-23 GA Winter Showcase & Champions Cup event heads to heads to Bell Bank Park in Mesa, AZ from December 1 to 5. This event will be the first Champions Cup event of the season with all qualifying teams from U13 to U19 facing off. The Showcase event will feature U15 through U19 teams who will play teams outside of their conference during the event weekend.

The first possible kickoff time on a team’s first match day is as follows:

  • Dec. 1 (U13, U14, U17, U19): 10:00am
  • Dec. 2 (U15, U16): 11:00am

The latest possible kick-off, weather permitting, for age groups on travel-out day is 12:00PM local.

Play Dates:

  • U13  – Champions Cup: Dec. 1, 2, 3

  • U14 – Champions Cup: Dec. 1, 2, 3

  • U15 – Showcase: Dec. 2, 3 or 4, 5 / Champions Cup: Dec. 2, 3, 5

  • U16 – Showcase: Dec 2, 3 or 4, 5 / Champions Cup: Dec. 2, 3, 5

  • U17 – Showcase: Dec. 1, 2 or 3, 4 / Champions Cup: Dec. 1, 2, 4

  • U19 – Showcase: Dec. 1, 3, 4 / Champions Cup: Dec. 1, 3, 4

Champions Cup Format:


All 16 teams advance to the Final 16 at IMG in March

U15, U16, U17, U19

  • Top three teams from each group advance to the Final 16 at IMG in March
  • Best fourth place team at each age group advances (tiebreakers consistent with playoffs; can be found in GA Frameworks)
  • Bottom four fourth place teams and the four non-Champions Cup teams invited advance to a 2nd-tier competition at IMG in March


December 1-5, 2022


Bell Bank Park
1 Legacy Drive
Mesa, AZ 85212


  • Games will be recorded by the GA and Touchline Video (TLV), then uploaded to HUDL
  • All games on the following fields will be livestreamed: Field 1, Field 10


Club Name Event Age
ALBION SC San Diego U13
Cincinnati United U13
City SC U13
Colorado Rush U13
Florida United U13
Houston Dynamo Dash YSC U13
Lamorinda SC U13
Lonestar SC U13
Nationals U13
PA Classics U13
Spokane Sounders Shadow U13
TopHat U13
TSJ FC Virginia U13
Utah Celtic U13
Club Name Event Age
ALBION SC San Diego U14
Cincinnati United U14
City SC U14
Colorado Rush U14
Florida United U14
Houston Dynamo Dash YSC U14
Lamorinda SC U14
Lonestar SC U14
Nationals U14
PA Classics U14
Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals U14
SDSC Surf U14
South Carolina Surf SC U14
South Shore Select U14
Spokane Sounders Shadow U14
TopHat U14
TSJ FC Virginia U14
Utah Celtic U14
u15 teams
Club Name Event Age
ALBION SC Las Vegas U15
ALBION SC San Diego U15
Almaden FC U15
Beadling SC U15
Broomfield Soccer Club U15
BVB International Academy Texas U15
Capital FC U15
Central Illinois United U15
Chicago FC United U15
Cincinnati United U15
Cincinnati United U15
City SC U15
Clovis Crossfire U15
Colorado Rush U15
Eastern Washington Surf SC U15
Eugene Timbers FC U15
Florida United U15
Houston Dynamo Dash YSC U15
IMG Academy U15
Indy Premier SC U15
ISC Gunners U15
Kansas Rush U15
LA Surf Soccer Club U15
Lamorinda SC U15
Las Vegas Sports Academy U15
Lexington Sporting U15
Lonestar SC U15
Lou Fusz Athletic U15
Louisiana TDP Elite U15
Michigan Jaguars U15
Murrieta Soccer Academy U15
Nationals U15
Nationals U15
New Mexico Soccer Academy U15
Oakwood Soccer Club U15
OL Reign Academy U15
PA Classics U15
Renegades SC U15
Rio Rapids Soccer Club U15
RISE Soccer Club U15
Sacramento United U15
Salvo SC U15
San Antonio City SC U15
SC Wave U15
SDSC Surf U15
Silicon Valley Soccer Academy U15
Spokane Sounders Shadow U15
St. Louis Development Academy U15
Syracuse Development Academy (SDA) U15
Tonka Fusion Elite U15
TopHat U15
TSJ FC Virginia U15
Tudela FC Los Angeles U15
Utah Celtic U15
VSA Rush U15
Wasatch SC U15
Washington Timbers FC U15
West Coast F.C. U15
West Florida Flames U15
u16 teams
Club Name Event Age
ALBION SC Las Vegas U16
ALBION SC San Diego U16
Almaden FC U16
Beadling SC U16
Bridge City Soccer Academy U16
Broomfield Soccer Club U16
BVB International Academy Texas U16
Capital FC U16
Central Illinois United U16
Chicago FC United U16
Cincinnati United U16
Cincinnati United U16
City SC U16
Clovis Crossfire U16
Colorado Rush U16
Eastern Washington Surf SC U16
Eugene Timbers FC U16
Florida United U16
Houston Dynamo Dash YSC U16
IMG Academy U16
Indy Premier SC U16
ISC Gunners U16
Kansas Rush U16
LA Surf Soccer Club U16
LA Surf Soccer Club U16
Lamorinda SC U16
Las Vegas Sports Academy U16
Leahi Soccer Club U16
Lexington Sporting U16
Lonestar SC U16
Long Island SC U16
Lou Fusz Athletic U16
Louisiana TDP Elite U16
Michigan Jaguars U16
Murrieta Soccer Academy U16
Nationals U16
Nationals U16
New Mexico Soccer Academy U16
Oakwood Soccer Club U16
OL Reign Academy U16
PA Classics U16
Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals U16
Real Jersey FC U16
Renegades SC U16
Rio Rapids Soccer Club U16
RISE Soccer Club U16
Sacramento United U16
Salvo SC U16
San Antonio City SC U16
SC del Sol U16
SC Wave U16
SDSC Surf U16
Seacoast United U16
Silicon Valley Soccer Academy U16
Sockers FC Chicago U16
Spokane Sounders Shadow U16
St. Louis Development Academy U16
Syracuse Development Academy (SDA) U16
Tonka Fusion Elite U16
TopHat U16
TSJ FC Virginia U16
Tudela FC Los Angeles U16
Utah Celtic U16
VSA Rush U16
Wasatch SC U16
Washington Timbers FC U16
West Coast F.C. U16
West Coast Soccer U16
West Coast Soccer U16
West Florida Flames U16
u17 teams
Club Name Event Age
ALBION SC Las Vegas U17
ALBION SC San Diego U17
Beadling SC U17
Bridge City Soccer Academy U17
Broomfield Soccer Club U17
BVB International Academy Texas U17
Capital FC U17
Central Illinois United U17
Century United Soccer U17
Chicago FC United U17
Cincinnati United U17
Cincinnati United U17
City SC U17
Clovis Crossfire U17
Colorado Rush U17
Eastern Washington Surf SC U17
Eugene Timbers FC U17
Florida United U17
Houston Dynamo Dash YSC U17
IMG Academy U17
Indy Premier SC U17
ISC Gunners U17
Kansas Rush U17
LA Surf Soccer Club U17
Lamorinda SC U17
Las Vegas Sports Academy U17
Lexington Sporting U17
Lonestar SC U17
Long Island SC U17
Lou Fusz Athletic U17
Louisiana TDP Elite U17
Michigan Jaguars U17
Murrieta Soccer Academy U17
Nationals U17
Nationals U17
New Mexico Soccer Academy U17
Oakwood Soccer Club U17
OL Reign Academy U17
PA Classics U17
Real Jersey FC U17
Renegades SC U17
Rio Rapids Soccer Club U17
RISE Soccer Club U17
RNYFC Youth U17
Sacramento United U17
Salvo SC U17
San Antonio City SC U17
SC del Sol U17
SC Wave U17
SDSC Surf U17
Seacoast United U17
Silicon Valley Soccer Academy U17
Sockers FC Chicago U17
South Shore Select U17
Spokane Sounders Shadow U17
St. Louis Development Academy U17
Syracuse Development Academy (SDA) U17
Tonka Fusion Elite U17
TopHat U17
TopHat U17
TSJ FC Virginia U17
Utah Celtic U17
VSA Rush U17
Wasatch SC U17
Washington Timbers FC U17
West Coast F.C. U17
West Florida Flames U17
u19 teams
Club Name Event Age
ALBION SC Las Vegas U19
ALBION SC San Diego U19
Almaden FC U19
Beadling SC U19
Bridge City Soccer Academy U19
Broomfield Soccer Club U19
BVB International Academy Texas U19
Capital FC U19
Central Illinois United U19
Chicago FC United U19
Cincinnati United U19
Cincinnati United U19
City SC U19
Clay County SC United Soccer Alliance U19
Colorado Rush U19
Eastern Washington Surf SC U19
Eugene Timbers FC U19
FC Evolution U19
Florida United U19
Houston Dynamo Dash YSC U19
IMG Academy U19
Indy Premier SC U19
ISC Gunners U19
Kansas Rush U19
Lamorinda SC U19
Las Vegas Sports Academy U19
Lexington Sporting U19
Lonestar SC U19
Lou Fusz Athletic U19
Louisiana TDP Elite U19
Michigan Jaguars U19
Murrieta Soccer Academy U19
Nationals U19
Nationals U19
New Mexico Soccer Academy U19
Oakwood Soccer Club U19
OL Reign Academy U19
PA Classics U19
Real Jersey FC U19
Renegades SC U19
Rio Rapids Soccer Club U19
RISE Soccer Club U19
RNYFC Youth U19
Sacramento United U19
Salvo SC U19
San Antonio City SC U19
Santa Clara Sporting U19
SC Wave U19
SDSC Surf U19
Silicon Valley Soccer Academy U19
Sockers FC Chicago U19
Spokane Sounders Shadow U19
St. Louis Development Academy U19
Tonka Fusion Elite U19
TopHat U19
TopHat U19
TSJ FC Virginia U19
Tudela FC Los Angeles U19
Utah Celtic U19
VSA Rush U19
Wasatch SC U19
Washington Timbers FC U19
West Coast F.C. U19
West Coast Soccer U19
West Florida Flames U19

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