Identifying talented players

Our mission is to highlight, identify, and improve top talent competing in the Girls Academy, while exposing players to opportunities to succeed at the highest level. To accomplish this, each conference will host an invite-only ID event held over one weekend per year. From there, stand-out players at Regional Talent ID events may be selected to participate in National Talent ID events. Participating players across all Talent ID events will be evaluated using the same rating scale.

Conference ID

Conference representatives will determine the exact date, location, and staffing for each event. While in attendance, players should expect classroom sessions, on-field training exercises, and full-game environments for on- and off-field experiential learning.

National ID

The top players from each conference will play crossover matches at National and Regional Girls Academy events. There will be four (4) teams of 14 players each with a total of five (5) goalkeepers. Two teams will be U15-U16, while the other two will be U16-U17.


Step out of your comfort zone and into the optimal training environment to compete against other exceptional players in a U.S. Soccer Youth National Team-aligned evaluation that pushes you to be the best technically, physically, and mentally.