2024-25 Girls Academy Membership information

It is the aim of the Girls Academy to expand in a strategic, intentional, and focused way for the 2024-2025 season and beyond. Given the club footprint established in our first four seasons, our current focus and strategy for growth prioritizes: 


  • Expansion that prioritizes competitive level
  • Evaluation and development of current member
  • Assessment of conference structures for geographic and competitive enhancement
  •  Individual market analysis focused on depth and strength of player pool to determine viability of or need for expansion
  • Enhance and expand level of service to our current membership
  • Coach Education initiatives – Female Coaching initiatives 

The Girls Academy application for the 2024-2025 season is now available. Please use this link to complete the Phase 1 form.

 Phase 1 Application Form

The application will be available through January 8, 2024. We will follow up with clubs in late January with the next steps of the application process. If your club completed the Phase 1 form for the 23/24 season, we have your submission on file and you do not need to complete it again. For any additional information, questions please email us at membership@girlsacademyleague.com


New membership inquiries closes January 8, 2024.