Each year, the Girls Academy and its member clubs organize and participate in community initiatives to become better citizens of the global community. Many  of these initiatives are organized by players on the GA’s Advisory Panel, which gives our players a voice and seat at the table to help shape the future of the league.
The Advisory Panel’s Community Service Committee is happy to announce the beginning of the GA’s Measles and Rubella initiative in collaboration with the American Red Cross’ National Capital and Greater Chesapeake Region. Measles kills more than 380 people every day, mostly children. However, thanks to the measles vaccine, more than 23 million lives have been saved since 2000. Every $2 raised during this fundraiser vaccinates one child in a third-world country against Measles and Rubella. Our goal is to vaccinate 2,500 children, equivalent to $5,000.
The Community Service committee decided to do this initiative because this fundraiser enables our players to participate in ethical volunteering – to be a leading force of aid in global communities. It is important to remember that the Girls Academy isn’t just a soccer league; it is a union that cultivates young women to be leaders, advocate for their beliefs, and pioneers of change. So players of the Girls Academy, let us work together to help those in need.

How do I get involved?

If you’d like to participate in this Advisory Panel initiative, please visit the GA GoFundMe page to contribute.