Another sunny warm day at the IMG Academy and another successful full slate of games.
Our GA events staff, marketing gurus, IMG crew, our officials and athletic trainers deserve big kudos. They are operating at an elite level and our players are benefiting!
I saw some big time goals today, some well-timed tackles, game saving saves, and top-notch team play.

The best thing I witnessed today was the competition combined with camaraderie.  These players aren’t only enjoying competing with their teammates and against their opponents. They are relishing in seeing old friends they haven’t seen in a year or more, and meeting in person new league-mates and Advisory Panel colleagues.

There are many GA leaders who have spent hundreds of hours on  Zoom and are just now meeting in person for the first time ever. It’s a joy to see their hard work and dedication to create this league FOR THE PLAYERS come to life!

Looking forward to DAY THREE!